Friday, 20 January 2023 14:50

Try Something New and Pour Your Own Beer in Golden

Are you tired of the same experience when going out for drinks? Are you looking for something more unique? Have you ever wanted to pour your own beer like a master brewer? If you want to try some new drinks, but don't want to waste your money on a full glass of something you might not like, The Golden Mill has got you covered! It’s not just limited to beer, we also have a wide selection of house-made cocktails, wines and non-alcoholic drinks. We offer a unique pour your own beer experience in Golden that will leave you feeling refreshed and excited to come back!

How Does The “Pour Your Own Beer” System Work?

At The Golden Mill, our pour your own beer approach is simple and easy. First, you'll get one of our Golden Mill cards at the check-in area. We will quickly link your payment method to the card and we even allow for multiple cards on a single payment type, making it perfect for parties and events! Next, you’ll head over to one of our two tap walls and grab a glass.

If you know what drink you want, go right ahead and start pouring! Between our extensive beer, wine, house-made cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, you can’t go wrong. All you need to do is place your card in the card reader above the screen, wait for your name to pop up, tilt your glass, and pull the tap handle. Pour as much or as little as you would like as everything is charged by the ounce. On the screen above, you can see exactly how much your current pour is and how much it costs, as well as your running tab! This system allows you to try any drinks from our self-pour walls, so you can explore tons of unique brews, wines, and house-made cocktails.

If you have any trouble pouring your own beverage, don’t worry! Our tap wall ambassadors are happy to help and can walk you through the entire pouring process, so you can achieve the perfect pour every time.

To top it off, these cards work seamlessly with all of our food vendors as well. There's no need to get your wallet out or count change – just tap your card and get ready for some delicious bites with refreshing drinks.

When you’ve had your fill and are all finished, just drop your card off in the designated area, and be on your way! There's no waiting for a bartender to finally bring a bill or disputing drinks that weren't yours. Just leave your Golden Mill card with us and we will take care of the rest.

What to Expect at Golden Mill

The Golden Mill is a historic landmark located in Golden, Colorado. This former flour mill and feed store has been transformed into a picturesque community gathering place. Featuring 46 taps with constantly rotating choices of beer, wine, house-made cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, you never know what might be your next favorite! In addition to our extensive drink choices, you will find five amazing food vendors at The Golden Mill with tons of options for any palate or craving. From the Republik of Chicken to Sushi Sora, we are confident you can find something for everyone at The Golden Mill.

Explore New Drinks and More: Pour Your Own Beer in Golden with Us

At The Golden Mill, we offer a unique dining experience that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you're fresh off the slopes and coming to Après or you’re looking for an easy dinner for the kids, we can make your visit one to remember.

Visit The Golden Mill today and delight in our pour your own beer system in Golden!