Wednesday, 21 December 2022 10:03

How to Find the Best Bars in Golden

Golden, Colorado is one of the best places in the country for all things outdoors. With its easy access to the mountains and tons of surrounding outdoor activities, it's no wonder why people flock from all over to have their next outdoor experience in this picturesque town. But, what do you do after a big day of hiking, rafting, or skiing? Grab a drink at one of the best bars in Golden, of course!

There’s no shortage of options to wet your whistle and kick back. However, it can be tough for some to compare local options. Here are a few helpful tips to find the best local bar for you.

5 Tips for Finding the Best Bars in Golden, CO

With so many choices, how do you truly decide what is going to be the best? It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and what kinds of drinks you’re in the mood for. If you’re really struggling to decide, just follow these 5 tips.

1. Ask Locals Where They Go

The first way that you should go about finding a good bar is by asking locals where they like to hang out and grab a drink. They know the area and will be able to offer some recommendations. Just keep in mind that their preferences may not align with yours.

2. Check Out What People Are Saying on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are good resources to find out about different bars near you. Their social posts and follower interactions will give you a sense of what other people think about the bar and whether they've had a positive or negative experience. If there are constant, engaging posts or a range of avid followers for a certain bar on social media, then you know that you're probably going to enjoy it too.

3. Look at Their Menu Online

Next, you'll want to look at the menu online. What kind of drinks are you in the mood for? Looking at the menu can usually give you a good idea about the overall atmosphere of the bar and if they can provide the drinks you want. Any location without an online presence could be dated or out of touch, so it's important to keep in mind what you're looking for.

4. Visit During Happy Hour

While you won’t find happy hours at every bar and many are restricted, it’s a good idea to visit a local bar during happy hour times. Many bars in Golden, Colorado offer discounts during the afternoons on weekdays. If you want to save money on drinks, look for these types of deals.

5. Make Your Choice!

Now that you've weighed your options, it's time to decide! If you followed any of our steps outlined above, then you've probably arrived at the same conclusion that we have. The Golden Mill is the place to be!

With our expansive outdoor seating, multiple food vendors and self-pour tap walls, The Golden Mill is the perfect place for any group for any occasion! With 5 unique food vendors, like the Republik of Chicken or Sushi Sora, there's a flavor for everyone. And at our 2 self-pour tap walls, we have 46 taps of constantly rotating craft beers, wines, house-made cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst.

If you're looking for the perfect place to unwind after an epic day on the slopes or a taxing day of hikes, then look no further than The Golden Mill! Contact us today with any questions or concerns, or ask about availability for your next party.