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Spring Things to Do in Golden, Colorado

Spring is an incredible time to visit communities throughout Colorado for outdoor activities, sightseeing, and more. The warmer temperatures open up a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities that visitors can enjoy. If you’re looking for ideas on the best things to do in Golden, Colorado during the spring season, give these activities a try!

Take a Hike

Golden, Colorado offers some of the best hiking trails in the state. During the spring season, hikers can explore a variety of mountain trails with picturesque views of the Rockies. If you’re looking for a longer hike, check out Lookout Mountain Park! It offers 8 miles of winding trails with breathtaking views of Denver and the surrounding landscape. On clear days, visitors can see the entire Denver skyline and beyond. The mountain offers several hiking trails, but if you'd rather take in the scenery, there are picnic areas, the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, and a playground for children, so everyone can enjoy the fresh spring air.

For those looking for something a little closer to home, consider exploring Triceratops Trail or Lariat Loop and enjoy unique picturesque views. If mountain biking is more your speed, many of these local trails can also accommodate cyclists.

Go Outdoor Rock Climbing

With Golden's rocky cliffs and steep slopes, climbers can get a good workout and enjoy stunning views of the city below. North Table Mountain Park has some great climbs that range from easy to difficult. Clear Creek Canyon (CCC) is another popular spot for climbers with its high walls and challenging routes. Those looking for a less intimidating option, CCC also features a variety of beginner-friendly routes.

Explore the Past During a Wild West Tour

While Golden may be well-known for its world-class beers, this city also has a rich history that dates back to the days of cowboys and ranchers. Visitors can take a wild west tour and learn about the town’s past while exploring its historical sites.

Take in the Beauty of Clear Creek

In Golden, you’ll find a stunning stretch of the Clear Creek River. Visitors can take in the breathtaking views of this winding river from various points throughout Golden and try out all kinds of activities on the creek. Whether it's fishing, kayaking, or just walking alongside it, taking in the beauty of Clear Creek is a must-do for anyone visiting Golden during spring.

Jam Out to Live Music

Golden's a hot spot for live music and features all kinds of tunes from bluegrass to rock, folk, and more. While you can find concerts across Golden in spring, there's nothing quite like the live music at The Golden Mill. At our venue, you can listen to great local music and take in the fun atmosphere as you dance the night away or relax with friends. Plus, you can indulge in delicious food and our massive selection of drinks while catching a set. Check out our event schedule to find out when we have live music.

Tour a Brewery or Visit a Food Hall

Take some time to explore local breweries and eateries! From small local breweries like Golden City Brewery to larger more well-known establishments like Coors, there are plenty of options available for anyone looking for a unique experience.

However, if you want to go on a taste tour of beers, wines, and cocktails, then come to The Golden Mill! Our two self-pour tap walls feature over 50 different kinds of brews, so you can experience all kinds of beers and tasty drinks all in one unique venue.

Find Fun Things to Do in Golden, Colorado at The Golden Mill

If you are looking for fun and exciting things to do in Golden, Colorado, come celebrate the arrival of spring at The Golden Mill! This one-of-a-kind venue offers so much to do and experience, from live music and 5 unique food vendors to weekly events and more, you’ll always find something to do.

Contact us today to learn more about The Golden Mill or to schedule a private event.