A Food Hall and Gathering Place for Golden

The Golden Mill building has been a source of food and commerce for Golden since 1865, first as a mill, and then, from 1950 to 2018, as a livestock feed and supply store.

“The mill was a place everyone in Golden who had a pet would visit regularly,” says Susan Ganter, a long-time Golden resident. “When we heard it was closing, we knew developers would want to turn the spot into condos. But we thought we could do something interesting that would keep the Mill as a community gathering place.”

Susan and her husband Wes teamed up with two other local couples to purchase the Mill building, to make sure the building would be saved and celebrated for decades to come. Then they began researching possible uses for it, with one main question in mind: How can we transform the Mill into a community hangout for all of Golden?

The answer is the new Golden Mill food hall and gathering place, under construction now, with the goal of opening in 2020. The revitalized Mill will offer a place to eat and drink, enjoy the company of friends and neighbors, and spend time in this beautiful place we’re so lucky to call home.

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