Thanks for Attending our Community Event – We Heard You Loud and Clear!

Hi everyone: Thanks for the great turnout on September 29th. In all we had almost 500 people pre-register and then had a steady turnout throughout the day. We had a great time meeting new and old friends and hope you did as well. The band, food trucks, beverages, and overall setting were just as we had hoped; a good flow, lots of locals enjoying the great weather, and great ideas on how we can make the Mill a true community asset. The event was designed to gahter input about our proposed plans. It also help us envision how the plaza can be used in the future and how band and food placement worked with flow throughout the property.

Here were some photos from of gathering community input:



We hung images of the site design and floor plans throughout the building and asked folks to give their input on several large posters. Overall folks appeared to be very excited with what they saw and we too have been excited as our architectural team has been fantastic.

What Did You Have to Say?

A key reason for the community event was to present information and then garner your input. We wanted to hear the good, the bad, the excitement, and the concerns.  To serve the community we need to listen to the community. So, we asked three questions and we were flooded with responses. In order to best understand the responses we created word clouds for each and these are presented below:

Question 1: What do you like most about the plans we have shared?

What do you like image

Question 2: What features would you like to see in a community food hall/gathering place at the Golden Mill?

What features would you like

Question 3 – What Colorado food business or food would you like to see at the Golden Mill?

What Colorado food business or foods

What Does This All Mean?

It means we are going to take your input into consideration as we move forward with our planning. Several features and foods stood out: a rooftop, a community space, outdoors, live music, kids and dogs, family friendly, fire pits, ice cream, healthy, and ramen, yes ramen. Not sure I fully understand the fascination with ramen but there it is!

I guess if I could eat ice cream, outside, on a rooftop with my kid or dog all would be great! More seriously, we really appreciate receiving the input and this will help us shape the Mill and its operations to best fit the needs of the community.

Thank You Sponsors!

We also wanted to give a special thanks to the Golden Civic Foundation, our community sponsor. Through the beer and wine sales we were able to raise $500 for the foundation.

A special thanks for AC Golden/Native for donating the beer and party favors and big call out to Geoff Mallow and David Coors of AC for their generosity!

We also wanted to thank the Golden Lions Club as they provided tables, fences, chairs and everything you need to throw an event free of charge. There commitment and generosity to Golden is incredible.

Last, we want to thank Oh Hey Creative and Bryant Palmer for his great work in making the event a success.

Interior and Exterior Designs Coming Soon

Soon we will be posting our designs for the building and plaza. Check back to see what we have planned and as always feel free to give us your feedback.

The Mill in the News

The Golden Mill and our plans for a food hall have started to be mentioned in the press. We are excited for this and plan to include links to articles periodically. Here are two we are aware of:

October 15 from  Westword

October 10 from  Business Denver

Moving Forward Looking Back

As we move forward with the project and get excited, its import to remember the past. So I included a link to a Golden Transcript article about the Mill, its long time owner John Boyle, and the Mill’s closing – Feeding Golden’s Critters.

Thanks again Golden!

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