What Are We Up To?

Thanks for inquiring! As long-time Golden residents and long-time customers of the Golden Mill, we too were shocked and saddened by its closing. But as John Boyle said to so many customers that stopped in over it’s last few months, he felt it was time to move on and to let the property take on a new life.

Golden Mill Photo
The Golden Mill. A community asset.


As the new owners we intend to do just that. We feel that the Mill, its location along the creek, and its large front yard (yes, we know it is a parking lot), is an ideal location to create a place for the community to visit and enjoy. We spent months scouring different concepts and locations, talking with members of the community, and talking with restaurant and business owners.  We plan to have an announcement about our tenant very soon.

In the meantime, we want to put the Mill to use and will be soliciting short term tenants and uses while we finalize our concept, long-term tenant, and develop plans and meet with the City. Adventure West Tubing is up and running and we are open to hosting pop-up events and private events. You can talk with Susan Ganter at ganters1@gmail.com or at 303-506-1443 to inquire about short-term options.

As we continue to work through long-term planning, here are some of the attributes we are planning and having been communicating with the City:

  • The current Mill buildings will remain largely intact. With the exception of a new entry, bathrooms, and partition along Ford Street, the warehouse and retail portion will remain as is; including the iconic Golden Mill sign.
  • The current front parking lot will be converted into the community yard with tables, fire pits, access to the trail, with a view of the river. Outside seating will be expanded.
  • A pedestrian trail extension linking Parfet and Vanover parks; we plan to provide an easement and the trail will cross our yard and then cross Ford street.
  • Parking will be provided on the north side of the building, and through the gracious generosity of CoorsTek, at the corner of 10th and Ford – a block away. We continue to work on additional parking options.
  • We continue to explore architectural concepts and designs and likely a historic designation for the site.
  • We hope to be fully operation in early summer 2019.

The Golden Mill – a multi tenant community asset along Clear Creek.

We plan to continuously update this site with new information and we also intend to host several open-houses later this summer to share our ideas and hear your feedback.  We welcome the feedback to make the Mill a true community asset.


1 thought on “What Are We Up To?

  1. Lisa D’Angelo June 14, 2018 — 5:54 pm

    Great news on the Golden Mill being reinvented! Looking forward to it!


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